The Concept

Foundery (@FounderyFilms) is a simple concept. As entrepreneurs and business people ourselves, we have always looked to others for next steps. It’s no secret that founders of start-ups should look to sources like autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs, to inspire them as to their next steps. However, in the modern, fast-paced world, not many of us have the time to consume so much written media. Foundery bridges that gap.

We know that many fellow founders of start-ups, scale-ups, and large enterprises have fascinating and inspiring stories to tell. Getting face-time with such people can be particularly difficult, but we’re here to help! Foundery gets you the story behind a wide range of successful founders. We ask entrepreneurs the questions that will help you tackle the difficulties in your own business life, provide you the motivation and inspiration for your next steps, and of course all of this in a concise, easy to consume medium.

With Foundery’s video and podcast content, you can learn from successful founders of start-up, scale-up and enterprise businesses, as they share the experiences that helped shape them and their businesses.

The Founders of Foundery

Foundery was founded by Craig Hawkes and Jake Newport after a discussion in a restaurant one evening in Newcastle upon Tyne, where they both work. They realised they were both lucky enough to have contacts from a range of different businesses in a plethora of industries, who could offer them support and advice in their own business lives. However, they knew not everyone was so lucky. One in ten Brits run their own business and they believed many more would too, if only they access to the supportive voices of people who’d been there before. They knew that if more people had access to this knowledge, they too might have the courage to take the same leap. Thus, Foundery was born.

Craig Hawkes – Craig(at)foundery.co.uk

Craig is the founder of his own successful corporate film company, Kaleidoscope Creative Film Agency. Craig uses his extensive experience, filming for a wide range of businesses, to create that professional, refined feel that is typical of the Foundery media. On shoot days, Craig heads up the operation, directing our skilled team with a positive energy and a level head. Craig and his team then work to skillfully edit the content, creating the clear, concise story that is a Foundery interview.

Jake Newport – Jake(at)foundery.co.uk

Jake is the founder of Finnmark Sauna, a UK wide sauna equipment and installation company, specialising in authentic Finnish sauna (sauna done properly!). As a people-person, Jake’s skills in interviewing are clearly visible in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, his experience in networking, management and logistics, as well as his knowledge of web development and digital marketing are of particular value.