While it is hard to understand and accept, one cannot stress enough, some people are simply better at public speaking than others. Furthermore, some maybe very confident/outgoing people in their daily lives but they do not possess the skill set or the necessary vocabulary to sell your message effectively on camera, resulting in a confusing/messy end product that will ultimately need to be re-shot. In most cases we will provide end-to-end solutions to these problems, however, through our experience we have found that we often work in collaboration with a client – a lot prefer and enjoy the hands on approach.

TelePrompTer: Why and how to use it

Teleprompter’s are a great tool for interviews as they help to brake down barriers with interviewees who are not comfortable in front of camera. They can be used in 2 ways. 1) Placed in front of the camera lens and the resulting video will show the interviewee talking directly at the camera, thus the audience. 2) Located to the side of the camera to simulate that the interviewee is talking to an interviewer. These tools are great but are not appropriate for all kinds of situations. For one, the approach where someone is talking directly at the camera produces a direct feel that resembles politicians addressing his/her nation and therefore will seem less authentic. What’s more, some interviewees have the tendency to fail to hide the fact that they are reading from a script and in turn sound very robotic. It is important to create the right atmosphere on set and this comes with preparation. Providing the interviewee with the questions and allowing them the time to devise their own answers or time to read the script before filming. Also, asking each interviewee what they would prefer is recommendable as each person has different preferences – work to their strengths not their weaknesses. We always ask our clients to provide us with a copy of the script/text prior to the filming so that we can proof read it – remember you have employed us as experts in this field and our experience of working within this industry for the past 10 years means we have valuable insight as more often than not, the client writes far too much and it is not concise enough.