The major advantage of the interview/personal testimonial is that this particular style of commercial naturally connotes authenticity and taps into the emotional response of the viewer, thus making it more believable. This is an essential approach if one is trying to sell a service, as this style buys into the old adage of “people buy from people”. That being said there is a tremendous task for the production team to ensure that this is delivered in a sellable and cost effective way. However, there is also a big responsibility from the client to assist in this outcome.

Thinking about location: Less is Certainly More

This is an aspect of filming where the production team will discuss with you from the beginning but it is always something that deserves considerable attention. It is advisable that the production team see the location prior to the filming date or if this not possible, schedule a time several hours before the session in order to afford the production team the time to compose a detailed approach to filming; meaning getting the right shot for your video. (the extra time will result in higher costs but this is for the benefit of your video as the production team will offered the opportunity to think more creatively about your video). This can also mean spending time to move furniture in the space. It is very important that one considers the limitations of cameras within a space – too small of a space may mean the camera man won’t have enough focal length to interview the person effectively; too noisy of a space will mean poor audio quality. Generally, we appreciate outside can be really engaging but you will have to realise that the changing light /colour of the sun throughout the day (especially in England or other countries which generally have a lot of cloud coverage) might have a negative impact on the consistency of the video (one interview shot in the morning will be of a different light to one that is shot during the afternoon). We like controlled environments as much as possible. (we always bring a set of lights to shoot indoors.) It is also really important to be realistic about what can be filmed within in one session. There is no point of trying to “fit” several interviews within one day as this will be rushed, remember it is about creating a good atmosphere on set to ensure that your interviewee is feeling relaxed – this goes back to the aim of the project; to make it look authentic. It is also important to consider that choosing too many locations can easily become counterproductive as it takes time to set up the camera, lights and sound as each location is different and has different demands. Essentially, doing too much in one day will be a rush to complete the job, which in turn means that everybody involved is not performing to the best of their ability, in turn, having a detrimental effect of your final product – something that none of us what to happen.