It is important to note that there is a lot a filmmaker can control and a lot they are responsible for and in addition they can offer a lot of expert advice, however, within the vein of collaboration: a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit; it is important that a client considers their responsibilities. And one key aspect of this is when the client chooses to be the interviewer…

The Interviewer Effect: What is it? How to deal with it?

An interview is a form of social interaction and therefore the influence the interviewer is vital to the success as their actions have a direct influence on the performance of the subject thus the final product. Making the interviewee feel relaxed and at ease will provide a more realistic performance and appear more authentic. However, this isn’t just about the interaction when the camera is on, it is immediate when you are introduced to the subject, its about creating/building a relationship from the beginning. Notably, not everyone is easy to socialise with and adapting for the benefit of the interviewee is a developed skill. We often joke with the subject and ask them about their careers, hobbies, essentially, something that is unrelated to the interview but something that they are comfortable and happy to talk about. It is good to do this not only before but during the interview. We often record these interactions as they provide some great content for cutaways in the final edit.

Remember these points are purely designed as insights into the filmmaking process. if your not a filmmaker then nobody expects you to have prior knowledge of what is written as this is not your profession, it is ours, however, it is recommendable to read through this so that you can align your expectations and avoid unnecessary mishaps so that you and your production team can work better together and produce an amazing Video – something that will sell your service/product for years to come.