A video marketing plan entails a steady stream of new video content posted all through the business year. Your Periodicity is defined by your key priorities set by your business goals and how often you need video content to support said goals. For example, a fashion brand would need 4 videos; one for each season, whereas, a marketing agency would need a plethora of content to help illustrate their clients needs. We will work in tandem with your marketing team/plan to define and tailor make your periodicity so that the videos reflect and enhance your marketing priorities.We re-imagine your content from the people, purpose, product videos, and with some additional footage, inspired by your business goals, we will provide you with a new video for each of your Key Periodicities.

This is a holistic approach that will mean you will have a consistent video voice throughout your marketing year. While more videos you have with us also means better ROI as the value increases with each video, Periodicity helps you to create an impression, and maintain it’s impact longer. Remember that 78% of people watch online videos weekly – be a constant part of that.

This is a prime example of periodicity. Guinness have designed a series of follow up documentaries discussing the processes and methods behind brewing their drinks. Each of these videos function as a prop to the main TV commercial but they can also be used for different events and audiences. Furthermore, the value has been saved due to the fact that they have combined all the workload within the same shoot, giving a consistent voice to the style of the marketing approach.

These videos do not only inform but again act as another opportunity to sell how your product is made and the people who work in your company.