The Product Film

We pay to watch stories at the cinema, and your story- the ‘making of’ or ‘behind the scenes’ documentary about your product/service should be no different.

Amazing stories can be carved out of how the product was made or the people behind its creation. And those stories can captivate your audience - making them to understand the pain and the hardship that went into your brand and product’s development. It further means that your customer will have a better value perception for your products/services – making it more desirable - or alternatively ... it’s just a good way to give your audience a fun insider view of how you work. 

The product film will be a useful asset to your business at any point in your sales funnel, whether it is converting new customers to your webpage through social media campaigns or sealing the deal and building brand loyalty through a detailed explanation of your product. This approach offers great value for money while also providing you with a timeless source of content to be shared many times over. 


The key to a successful PRODUCT FILM is pre-production. At no extra cost, we offer this service to all our clients. The advantage of planning your production, whether this be over a coffee or through a series of emails, is paramount to the success of your project. One of the key areas that we need to understand; is how you plan on using the films created - will it be a series of films or will it be a stand-alone film; when and where will it be shared. Having a detailed understanding of these goals will help us shape the production.

STEP 1 - Pre-Production

Decide what you want from the project, where will the films be displayed and how will each version function within your sales funnel. Deciding this at the beginning helps us to design the questions and the storyboard for each iteration of the film, meaning we can optimise each for maximum performance. For example, different social media platforms have different traits and time allowances, therefore a one-size fits all approach will fall short of your expectations. 

Arm us with as much information as you can then we will devise the script and storyboard for the project. For some, this may seem like overkill, however, it is a great way to ensure that we are aligned to your vision while it also means that we will all be pulling in the same direction. Furthermore, this will mean that the postproduction - the editing process - will flow smoothly and very quickly. 

STEP 2 - Production

During the pre-production, we would have discussed how we plan to film your Product film or behind the scenes film, whether this be 1 day occasion or several. The above example was produced for an awesome game company, Coatsink, and it was agreed that the shoot would only last 1 day - knowing this in advance meant that we could arm our gear bag with enough equipment to capture as much as we could within this limited timeframe. 

Another feature of Pre-Production is that; we would have agreed on the final script and therefore the questions to be asked during the interview. This means we can ensure that the interview step is completed effortlessly - and in this case, it was essential, as the actors were on a very tight schedule. It also allows the crew more time to make the subject more comfortable and offers them an opportunity to prepare their answers prior to filming.

STEP 3 - Post-Production

Because of the time spent in pre-production we begin our mission to complete your Film within a timely manner. Another great feature of pre-production is deciding all the little things before we begin, such as the fonts, company logos, music choices. Deciding these elements means there will be no time wasted in the edit - plus; never under estimate how important the music is to final edit.

This approach can be both creatively and financially rewarding for your business, while it is also a very simple and straightforward process that most, if not all, top brands around the world have adopted. 



Below is a great example of a Product Film for Carhartt, obviously we did not make this but it demonstrates the power of what this approach can achieve. We believe that every business has a story and leave it to us to make a feature from it!