Short vs. long form videos for businesses

Video marketing is a soaring investment we see most global businesses embracing, and that is no different here in the North East. When meeting our clients who are interested in film production to help promote their businesses and ideas, we’re often asked to create short form videos, but...

Is short form video content what’s best for you and your business?

Undoubtedly, we are a nation of video lovers, with people spending several hours on a daily basis viewing on TV, mobile devices, social media, and the web. The demand for videos is skyrocketing, but contrary to popular belief, so are our attention spans.

In 2017 study by video marketing platform Twenty Three showed that 80% of videos surveyed were under 5 minutes, but those short videos drove less than a third of overall video engagement. The 8% of videos that were 15 minutes or longer, drove 50% of audience engagement.

We believe that if people are genuinely interested and invested in what you have to say/sell they’ll watch a video no matter the length.

It’s all about creating a video marketing campaign that works for you and your audience. For example, will your viewers be comfortable consuming a 30 minute video? Or would three 10 minute episodes be more suitable? These are the types of decisions you’ll have to make, but thankfully we’re here to help.

Here’s an example of where long form video has worked for one of our clients:

This documentary for Finnark Saunas is a 10 minute video, a perfect amount of time to delve into their personal business story and journey, and to explain their cause to the viewer in enough depth and detail. As a sauna is an expensive investment, the video is a suitable length for the consumer to give them enough information and background before they potentially make an investment.

This long form video is an  opportunity to discuss all aspects of the story and in this particular case, their history, motivations and processes. The video length allows the business to talk in greater detail, helping build a bigger, stronger cause.

The more the audience knows, the more they can appreciate the product, and the more likely they are to invest.

Long form videos often lead to adding to the knowledge of the customer/viewer, which they, more often than not, will share with others. So long form videos can have your customers talking about how your product is beneficial. When we produce a long form video, it’s more than just selling the product, it gives you a chance to help people in their professional lives and turn a brand promotion into an uplifting user experience.

Long form videos, give you the freedom to decide the direction, you want to go with your brand. You can add emotions to it, share experiences, and ask opinions all leading to active engagement. Struggles and glories can be engaging content for promotional videos.

However, long form video isn’t always what’s best for our Newcastle clients. As we said, it’s all about what works for you.

Here’s an example of where short form videos helped drive traffic and results for one of our North East clients:

As part of the Discover Our Land campaign for Northumberland County Council we created a series of short form videos delving into the stories of different Northumberland based businesses. It is a tourism campaign and so these videos work well short form as they are a snapshot into the lives and stories, designed to spark people’s interested to go and visit these places.

When talking about short form, you might be wondering
how short is short?

We consider short videos to be around the 3-4 minute mark, enough time to cover a great deal of information but short enough to leave the viewer/consumer wanting more.

We can also make a ‘snippet’ version. These super super short form videos are ideal as teasers to drive the audience to the longer, more detailed version.

If you or your business promote through Instagram and Twitter you’ll want to consider a snippet version like this, as these social media platforms only allow videos this short.

Just remember, both short form and long form videos both have their own benefits.

Whatever form you choose, video has the power to transform your business.